KEC Bearings has its own manufacturing plant with latest technological and Quality Control Machineries & Equipments. The company has a manufacturing capacity of more than 1 million Bearings. The company also operates according to the structure of ISO 9001:2015 Certification Credentials.

Machinaries & Production

Our manufacturing facility is built with sophisticated equipments to optimize the production process from production to assembling and align it with our research and development department in accordance with global standard practice.


KEC has well trained professional for precise assembling along with totally automatic demagnetiser washing line. We have also achieved to sort our rollers into group of just 3 MICRONS variation by ROLLER SORTING which gives our bearing longer life.

LAB & Testing

Our laboratory is equipped with latest and high tech quality control instruments such as Roundness tester, Foam tracer, Universal Length Measuring Machine(ULM), Surface finish Tester.

Warehouse & Packaging

Our people are passionate about what they do and we strive to cultivate & empower every individual in our organization. We don’t just work out of the box but we work to make innovation with the quality of box. We provide the best quality packaging for our product.